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Marriage Counselling Relationship Counselling, Horsham West Sussex.

The truth is that no couple’s therapist or marriage counsellor will have some charmed method which will restore a relationship that is damaged beyond restoration. However, Eleos Counselling has had astonishing success using a form of therapy named Emotionally Focused Therapy or EFT.

Being in a relationship can be difficult at times, anybody who is married or living with someone or is in a partnership will know that. Often couples drift apart because their needs are not met, within the relationship. Emotionally focused therapy, as offered by Eleos Counselling, is a way of looking at the needs, and expectations the couple has when in a relationship and the frustrations they find when they need’s are not met.

When should we go to couples therapy?

Unfortunately, lots of people come to couples therapy when their relationship is in tatters or worse still when or respect has gone out of the relationship. If you were to ask a couple’s therapist when you should come into therapy, they would often answer “whenever there is a problem”.

Many couple’s therapists will see a couple when their relationship has got to the point where one of the couples is about to leave or end the relationship. It is a sad fact that often relationships fail because they have got help far too late. Often a couples therapist will see a couple when their relationship has become abusive or hurtful; rescuing a relationship at this point can be very difficult. In essence, the sooner a couple seek professional help, the better their chances of their relationship surviving.

Does marriage counselling /couples therapy work?

The real question here do both members of the couple see the relationship is salvageable? , Unfortunately, if one of the members of the couple does not want to come to therapy, and doesn’t want to talk about the relationship, Furthermore is adamant he or she does not want to seek the help of a therapist, then therapy is not going to work. Nevertheless, there may be another solution to the problem, As you could go to individual therapy and work on your position within the relationship.

How many sessions do you think we will need?

As mentioned above, the model that Eleos counselling uses is emotionally focused therapy or EFT. Research into this model says that 12 sessions is normally as much as any couple will need. However, anecdotal evidence supports that things can be done very much quicker should both parties be in agreement that they want to work on their relationship. Statistically, couple’s therapy/relationship therapy is usually more effective and faster than individual therapy alone. Research suggests that the effectiveness of therapy is because the couple has a chance to process together, rather than individually. Typically it takes about third fewer sessions to achieve and meet goals in couple’s therapy, than individual therapy. Effectively this means you will spend less money to get your marriage or relationship back on an even keel, than if you had come to therapy on your own.

Eleos counselling has written a blog about the true cost of Couples therapy /marriage counselling, both emotionally and financially: there is a link in the link box at the bottom of this page.

What do we do now?

If you and your partner would like to book a session, you can, either, phone, email, or simply click the book now button on this page from there you will be taken to the Select and Book page, where you can book a session which fits both your schedules.


We came to marriage counselling, shortly after we had our wedding. Things were not good at this time, we argued quite bitterly,  At the time   It looked like we both seemed to want different things from our relationship. Working with Eleos Counselling on our relationship has really helped us. Julie and myself  are now really glad that we took some time to go to couples therapy rather than calling it a day,

Julie and Zoe

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