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In truth, a couple’s therapist or marriage counsellor will not have some magical method which will restore a relationship that is broken beyond repair. Nevertheless, Eleos Counselling has had astonishing success using a form of therapy named Emotionally Focused Therapy or EFT.

Most couple’s therapy is based on communication skills, Emotionally Focused Therapy or EFT focuses on the relationship and the interaction within the relationship both negative and positive. Based on extensive research, Emotionally Focused Therapy or EFT offers a couple, which are experiencing difficulties within their relationship, a well-defined and research-based method, of couples/marriage counselling/therapy.

By working on what is called attachment needs,  a couple can come to have a better appreciation into each other’s expectations and desires within the relationship, and this can help them create new ways of relating to each other. Research carried out into  EFT suggests that when couples turn to EFT, ninety percent of them report substantial improvements in their relationship. Between seventy percent to seventy-five percent Of couples who are having difficulties in their relationship can move forward using EFT. Primarily, EFT helps a couple understand their attachment needs Furthermore, find ways for these to be met within their relationship, healthily and productively.

When should we go to couples therapy?

If you were to ask the question above, to any couple’s therapist, they would always say sooner rather than later. Many couple’s therapists will see a couple when their relationship has got to the point where one of the couples is about to end the relationship. It is a sad fact that often relationships fail because they have got help far too late. Often a couples therapist will see a couple when their relationship has become abusive and or hurtful;  rescuing a relationship at this point can be very difficult. In essence, the sooner a couple seek professional help, the better their chances of their relationship surviving.

Does marriage counselling /couples therapy work?

The real question here is will both members of the couple engage in therapy. In truth, the answer may depend on whether your partner is willing to go to therapy with you. Often this alone can be a sign that you and your partner are committed to the relationship and want to work together to repair it. If your partner is reluctant or unwilling to go to therapy. Maybe it is time to engage in individual therapy, for yourself, so that you can change the dynamic in your relationship and how you interact within that relationship.

How many sessions do you think we will need?

As mentioned above, the model that Eleos counselling uses is emotionally focused therapy or EFT. Research into this model says that 12 sessions is normally as much as any couple will need. However, anecdotal evidence supports that things can be done very much quicker should both parties be in agreement that they want to work on their relationship. Statistically, couple’s therapy/relationship therapy is usually more effective and faster than individual therapy alone. Research suggests may be because the couple has a chance to process together, rather than individually. Typically it takes about third fewer sessions to achieve and meet goals in couples therapy, than individual therapy. Effectively this means you will spend less money to get your marriage or relationship back on an even keel, than if you had come to therapy on your own.

Eleos counselling has written a blog about the true cost of Couples therapy /marriage counselling, both emotionally and financially: there is a link in the link box at the bottom of this page.

What do we do now?

If you and your partner would like to book a session, you can, either, phone, email, or simply click the book now button on this page from there you will be taken to the Select and Book page, where you can book a session which fits both.


We came to marriage counselling after Rob had an affair and I found out. I thought the marriage was over. Eleos counselling really helped me understand why Rob had had the affair. At the start, it was very painful to look at our relationship. But gradually I took my part in the relationship and realise that both me and Rob are not having his needs met. Through therapy we found our love for each other again, I would definitely recommend going to Eleos Counselling.

Penny and Rob

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