Marriage Counselling, Relationship Counselling; Relationship Difficulties Marital Conflict, West Sussex.

 Marriage Counselling, Relationship Counselling; Relationship Difficulties Marital Conflict, West Sussex.

How Eleos Counselling can help your Relationship or Marriage. 

No couple’s therapist or marriage counsellor will have a magic wand that can mend a relationship that is broken beyond repair, but Eleos Counselling has had outstanding results, with couples using a therapy called Emotionally Focused Therapy or EFT. Unlike normal couple’s therapy, which is based on communication skills, Emotionally Focused Therapy or EFT focuses on the relationship and the needs and aspirations of the individuals in the couple. Based on extensive research, Emotionally Focused Therapy or EFT offers the couple therapy, a precise and well-researched, theoretical approach and method of counselling/therapy. Furthermore, its view of adult love and the bonding process.

Research has revealed that Emotionally Focused Therapy, works by helping a couple gain insight into, and reconfiguring  their emotional responses to events in their relationship. By working with their emotional interaction, in couple’s therapy, a couple can come to a greater insight into each other’s needs, and this can help them create new ways of relating to each other. Research suggests that when couples turn to EFT, 90 % of them report considerable improvements in their relationship. Between 70% to 75 % of couples who are having difficulties in their relationship are able to move forward using EFT. Primarily, EFT helps a couple understand their attachment needs. furthermore, find ways for these to be met within their relationship, in a healthy and productive way.

How can going to couples therapy help our marriage or relationship, and when should we go?

A couple’s therapist or marriage counsellor will often say that a couple should come into therapy as quickly as possible. Often, relationships fail because the couple got help too late. The rule “sooner rather than later” really does have a new meaning when relationship therapy is talked about. If a couple waits until their problems are too far advanced, often one part of the couple may already be thinking of ending the relationship, indeed, saving the relationship at this point can be difficult. In some cases, marriage counselling or couples therapy may not help as communication has become so abusive or damaging that the therapist may difficulty working with the couple. In a nutshell, for a realistic chance of saving a relationship, a couple should seek couple’s therapy/marriage counselling as quickly as possible.

Does marriage counselling /couples therapy work?

If your question is “will marriage counselling work for us?” The answer may depend on whether your partner is willing to go to therapy with you. If your partner is reluctant or unwilling to go to therapy with you then maybe it’s time to consider individual therapy to change the dynamic of your relationship, and how you individually interact in that relationship.

How many sessions do you think we will need?

Typically couples therapy can be done quite quickly. Statistically, couple’s therapy/relationship therapy is usually more effective and faster than individual therapy alone. This may be because the couple has a chance to process together, rather than individually. Typically, it takes about third fewer sessions to achieve and meet goals in couples therapy, than individual therapy. Actually, this means you will spend less money to get your marriage or relationship back on an even keel, than if you had come to therapy on your own.

Divorce statistics may sabotage your marriage.

Being in a relationship can be difficult there are times when you can feel restricted and sometimes a tiny bit resentful, especially when a romantic relationship, is going through a hard time.

Of course, no one said marriage or being in a relationship would be easy. According to The Office for National Statistics, in  2015 UK divorce rates actually dropped, and continue to do so. Nevertheless, around 42% of all marriages fail. Furthermore, a high number failing within the first year of marriage.

The statistic above can make some couples in the relationship; feel that their marriage is doomed from the start as statistically, their relationship has 50-50 chance of survival. Unfortunately, the statistics are not an accurate representation of modern marriages. The couple who wed in the UK in the  70s have a  47% rate of divorce, but those who married in the 80s or 90s, Statistically have a lower rate of divorce.

Also, another factor that needs to be taken into consideration is that people are getting married much later in life now, than those getting married 40 years ago, it is felt by some researchers that the extra years have been a contributing factor to lowering the divorce rate. Today’s assumption that there is a high incidence of divorce can often be an assumption that makes couples throw in the towel so quickly.


What do we do now?

If you and your partner would like to book a session, you can, either, phone, email, or just click the book now button on this page from there you will be taken to the Select and Book page, where you can book a session which fits both your schedules.


We started going to couples therapy after we found ourselves drifting apart, we never spent any time together and when we did we were always arguing. The style of therapy that Eleos Counselling offered was really good for us as a couple as it quickly got to the root of the problem. We were able to work on our expectations of our relationship and quickly got our marriage back on track.

Sally and Peter

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