Counselling for Depression, Horley and Redhill Surrey.

Depression Counselling, Horley and Redhill, Surrey.

New research suggests that 25% of the UK population will experience some form of mental health difficulty each year. Also, one in six of those people will suffer from the most common mental health problem in the UK, depression.

To elevate that in figures that are a more workable size. Horley and Redhill has a population of approximately 29,000 people(statistics taken from UK Census 2011). According to figures from the UK organisation “UK mental health” 9% of people in the UK struggle with depression. To put this into some comparison over 2600 people in the Horley and Redhill area currently, battle with depression.

What is depression?

Depression is not just merely feeling down or despondent. A depressed person has an everyday struggle, and for some, it feels like a life-or-death battle. People with depression are often called selfish. Inside the prison of depression, you too would be selfish. Depression has been described as the darkness lurking in the corner of every room. People with depression often feel like frauds feeling that every day the balloon will burst and they will be found out.

Often a person with depression Will say they long for death and the peace that it will bring, some fear something worse than life itself. Furthermore, for some, the choice of taking their own life is a real one.

Ten signs of depression.

A feeling of deep unhappiness.

A loss of interest in life, in general.

Deep self-loathing.

Lack of energy.

Dangerous or risky behaviour.

Unable to concentrate.

Low libido.

Lack of Patients; irritable with loved ones and people who care about you.

Sleeping longer than you should.

Excessive use of alcohol, prescription drugs or recreational drugs.


How Eleos Counselling can help you.

The form of therapy that Eleos Counselling offers is Humanistic; part of the talking therapies. Therapy involves talking to a therapist who is skilled in listening with empathy and compassion. The National Institute for Clinical Excellence, recommends talking therapies for people with depression as part of their recovery plan,


What do I do now

If you would like to know more about the type of therapy that Eleos Counseling offers you can either telephone or email. If you would like to book a session, all you have to do is simply click the button on this page marked book now; this will take you to the select and book page where you can book a session at a time that suits you.


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I became depressed at university, and it followed me all the way through to my final exams, which I just managed to scrape because I felt so down. I had some therapy at university, and this helped, so I wanted to continue with therapy after I left uni. I am so glad I did now as I pop in and have therapy whenever I feel myself getting low, Tony is very good at accommodating ad hoc sessions. Furthermore, he just listens and doesn’t judge.

Suzie 28

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Depression Alliance  For  40 years, Depression Alliance has been helping people come together to help end the isolation and seclusion that can come with depression.:


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I specialise in creating an environment, that allows you to discover and understand who you are is an individual, who you are in context to relationships, and how you interact with others. We work together to change unhelpful patterns of the behaviour in order to have the relationships and life you want.


F6 Worth Corner,
Business Centre,
Turners Hill Road,
Pound Hill, Crawley
RH10 7SL

Phone: (01403)217300 or (01293) 882210
Mobile: 07854602050