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What are panic attacks?

The difference between panicking and having a panic attack is worlds apart. We have all had moments of mild panic when we felt we cannot cope with things. It could be when your boss found out you have made a mistake at work or when you have forgotten to do something important.

Panic attacks are completely different to being panicky. Panic attacks come out of the blue, they normally will last up to 10 minutes, but sometimes this can be longer. Furthermore, panic attacks happen for, what initially seems like, no apparent reason, often people will talk about experiencing the feeling of terror, fear and lack of control.

Afterwards, it is not unusual to feel stressed and out of sorts and mildly anxious; often worrying about when this will happen next.

Anxiety or panic attacks can disrupt your normal life and stop you leading the life you would like.

Symptoms of a panic attack:

The feeling your heart is racing, or you have an elevated pulse rate.

Visibly shaking or trembling.

Shortness of breath; the feeling of not being able to get enough breath into your lungs.

A feeling of choking

Chest pains.

The feeling of nausea.

The feeling of disassociation from oneself.

The fear of losing one’s mind or going crazy.

Tingling or numb sensation throughout the body.

Hot flashes or cold sweats.


How common are panic attacks?

According to the website ANXIETY, UK one in 10 people has, or have had panic attacks. To put this figure into some comparison, the population of Crawley, West Sussex is currently 106,597 (figures via Google). Using the figures from ANXIETY UK, approximately 10% (10,600) people could be currently suffering from Panic attacks in Crawley, West Sussex. That is a lot of people, who have had or suffer from panic attacks, just in the town of Crawley.


How can Eleos Counselling help?

The type of therapy that Eleos Counselling offers is Humanistic; this essentially requires working with a therapist who is trained to listen with empathy, understanding and warmth. Eleos Counselling has been assisting clients with panic disorder, in the Crawley West Sussex area since 2014. Talking therapies as offered by Eleos Counselling is recommended by NICE (The National Institute for Clinical Excellence) and is one of the preferred methods of helping somebody who has panic disorder.

What do I do now?

If you would like to book a session, you can, either, phone, email, or simply click the book now button on this page from there you will be taken to the Select and Book page, where you can book a session which fits your schedule


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I started getting panic attacks after a lost my job. Going to interviews was a nightmare sometimes I would not even be able to get into the car to go, let alone drive it. It was at this point I started going to therapy, I realise that my panic attacks were related to childhood issues. Going to Eleos Counselling, I now know how to control the feeling of panic and I have various mental strategies, to help me when I am feeling as if I am going to have a panic attack.

Roger 48

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LINKS: MIND UK: a website to help people gain more knowledge regarding their mental health problems.


SUPPORT LINE: A website giving information on panic attacks.


INFO DOCTOR: A website giving information on panic attacks.


ANXIETY UK  : A website dedicated to anxiety and anxiety related problems.


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F6 Worth Corner,
Business Centre,
Turners Hill Road,
Pound Hill, Crawley
RH10 7SL

Phone: (01403)217300 or (01293) 882210
Mobile: 07854602050