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Alcohol Addiction: how we help.

Well done, you have taken the first step in overcoming your alcohol problem or heavy drinking issues. Eleos counselling has been offering counselling to clients with alcohol problems in the East Grinstead, West Sussex area since 2012. Eleos counselling works actively to support clients, helping them overcome their alcohol habit, heavy drinking and mental health problems.

Do I have an Alcohol Problem?

For the average person enjoying a drink is a safe and enjoyable pleasure. Nevertheless, when alcohol use becomes more frequent this often can lead to dependency. Without some form of help, a dependency on alcohol can worsen and have serious long-term problems and in some cases fatalities.

At Eleos Counselling we understand that entering any form of recovery can be emotionally chaotic. At Eleos Counselling we realise that there are three forms of alcohol use and misuse, social, heavy/binge, and alcohol dependent.

Social: this is when you are drinking is manageable; that you can take it or leave it. Generally, people in this class of drinking keep to their nationally prescribed daily units and don’t exceed them.

Heavy/binge:  binge or heavy drinking,  officially is when you double your daily prescribed units. For some people, this is only an occasional thing, but when those binges become regular, you may have a problem.

Alcohol dependency: there is a great deal of misunderstanding about what actually is drink or alcohol dependent; this often leads to people not seeking help early enough, leaving them to delay treatment and getting help. Often, people believe they are not drinking dependent because they have a lack of withdrawal symptoms. Furthermore, in some social groups, it is considered normal to drink heavily, and this is often seen as something of a virtue. In fact, many people who drink heavily can develop cirrhosis of the liver or liver failure caused by increased levels of drinking; cirrhosis of the liver minimises the withdrawal symptoms of alcohol.

Alcohol Counselling at Eleos Counselling

Using counselling as part of your recovery programme, will not only help you stay sober but also give you insight into your triggers. Counselling will give you tools and techniques to notice when triggers occur and how to react to them, positively.

Certainly, counselling can be difficult, at Eleos Counselling we understand that. Through counselling, we will help you uncover some of the underlying issues that may have caused you to drink in the first place. Therapy can be uncomfortable. Nevertheless, without digging deep into your issues your only really putting a plaster on a wound, that really needed cleaning, antibiotics and stitches.

Advantages of coming to alcohol counselling.

Setting realistic and achievable goals: In therapy,  your counsellor will be able to help you set realistic and achievable goals. Initially, these may be small such as resisting going to the pub or buying alcohol when you are at the supermarket.

Insight into your triggers: during therapy, you will gain insight into what causes you to drink in the first place; understanding these triggers is key to a full recovery.

Disabling obstacles: any recovery from alcohol will have its difficulties, it cannot be rushed or hurried. During therapy, you will face not only good times but also hard ones as well. Having the support of a good therapist is one of the ways to come to terms with setbacks, disappointments and obstacles you may face.


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