Service NameWeb siteHelpline number
Alcoholics 769 7555 Enquiries:01904 644 026
Adult Children of 610 936
Al-Anon Family Groups
for families and friends of problem drinkers – including after they quit 7403 0888
for people aged 12-20 affected by someone else’s drinking 7407 0215
Christians in Recovery



Cocaine Anonymous
for cocaine/crack and other substances 612 0225 or0300 111 2285
(Co-Dependents Anonymous)
for recovery from sexual
co-dependency – meets Fridays
www.cosa-recovery.org020 7403 0888
Debtors Anonymous
for problem debting, compulsive spending, under-earning & other money/work issues to find local telephone number:
020 7117 7533
(Leave a message)
Depression Alliance*
Self-help groups, workshops & conferences 
www.depressionalliance.org0845 123 2320
Depression UK * 774 4320
Drinkline* 917 8282
Help adults and young people beat their eating disorders



0845 634 14140845 634 7650
Families Anonymous
for relatives & friends of people with drug problems 7498 4680
Lo-call 0845 1200 660
National Centre for Eating Disorders
help and treatment for people with eating disorders 838 2040
for friendly, confidential drugs advice
www.talktofrank.com0800 77 6600SMS: 82111
Gamblers Anonymous
for gambling problems 384 3040
for friends or family of people who have issues with their gambling 50 88 80
Heroin Advisor 564 7017
Addiction Helpline 163 9632
National AIDS Trust 7814 6767
Terence Higgins Trust
provider of HIV and sexual health services 802 1221
Marijuana Anonymous UK
for those who wish to stop using marijuana 503438
Muslim Youth Helpline
free and confidential emotional support service for young Muslims 808 2008
Advice and support for everyone affected by their parent’s drinking 358 3456
Narcotics Anonymous
for help with drug problems 999 1212
for help with internet addiction in all forms
NHS Direct – changing to NHS 111
access health care information, advice and services
www.nhsdirect.nhs.uk0845 4647 – changing to111
Nicotine Anonymous
help for those seeking freedom from nicotine addiction
020 7976 0076
OCD Action
Information and support for people with obsessive compulsive disorder 390 6232
Obsessive Compulsive Anonymous UK
help for people with OCD 07803 721 598
Claire 07934 463 435
provides confidential emotional support for people who are experiencing feelings of distress, despair or suicidal thoughts
www.samaritans.org08457 90 90 90
Sexaholics Anonymous
for those who need help for sexual thinking or behaviour
sauk.org07000 725463

About Eleos

I specialise in creating an environment, that allows you to discover and understand who you are is an individual, who you are in context to relationships, and how you interact with others. We work together to change unhelpful patterns of the behaviour in order to have the relationships and life you want.


F6 Worth Corner,
Business Centre,
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