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Generalised anxiety disorder: the facts

It’s a normal part of everyday life have moments of anxiety; this is quite a regular human response. On the other hand, if you find yourself become anxious on a habitual basis, having panic attacks, there’s a good chance you have what is commonly described as generalised anxiety disorder (GAD). Generalised anxiety often exhibits as if the feeling of being anxious all the time. This frequently occurs in teenage years and can extend adulthood. Generalised anxiety disorder can increase gradually and frequently, your GP would have trouble diagnose this, or indeed have sufficient training to do so, in fact, most GPs have the smallest amount mental health training so it’s possible that your GP overlook a diagnosis

Underneath are some of the indications for anxiety disorder.

  • Becoming overanxious about daily interactions such as going to the outside the house or meeting people that you already know.
  • Negative thoughts, which seem not to go away
  • inability to relax, intervallic sleep patterns
  • inability to complete tasks being preoccupied with intrusive or negative thoughts
  • Persistently visiting the toilet, having repeated suggestive problems.

How does generalised anxiety develop?

Contemporary research has no real explanation of what causes generalised anxiety disorder. There is some research that suggests the type of family environment you grew up in have some bearing on your susceptibility to generalised anxiety disorder but this is unclear. Nevertheless, one thing that all research is consistent on that is linked with the fight flight or freeze mechanism in your brain this is part of survival instinct in a part of the brain called the amygdala. Some research has suggested that an oversensitivity of this part of the brain could be the cause of generalised anxiety disorder.

I started going to counselling when I started waking up, late at night, in a cold sweat. My partner told me that I needed counselling, she knew I wouldn’t take pills. Just talking about what made me anxious helped, and with Tony’s help I got to the underlying issues. I’m I’m so glad I came to counselling.

Ryan 53

How can Eleos Counselling help?

During a recent survey the online forum UK mental health estimated that 9% of the UK population have a mental health problem, some of which is GAD(General Anxiety Disorder) .

Seeking professional help from the therapist can be the first step in your recovery from general anxiety disorder, Eleos Counselling has had many years helping clients overcome general anxiety disorder in the Horsham area, if you would like to make an appointment you can phone on any of the numbers above, or go to the book now button below which will take you to an online booking page we can book an assessment.

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