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Cocaine Addiction Counselling Crawley & East Grinstead

What kind of counselling do you offer?

Eleos Counselling has many years of working in Crawley and East Grinstead helping people, not unlike yourself or someone you know, to overcome addictions. Eleos Counselling uses many cutting-edge techniques, to help the client understand the root cause of their addictions.

Can I become addicted to Cocaine?Cocaine Addiction Counselling Crawley & East Grinstead

Becoming addicted to cocaine is really about the person using the drug; that’s the short answer, it also is dependent on the strength and chemical makeup of the cocaine used; as a lot of cocaine sold on the street is made up of filler, such as baby milk, talcum powder; one drug cartels have been found to prefer to use levamisole, a veterinary antibiotic typically used to de-worm cattle, sheep and pigs. Addiction also depends on the person using the drug, but Cocaine has a very high chemical addictive component so you can become chemically addicted to cocaine. You can also become psychologically addicted as cocaine is known to have a very short-lived but intense high, which can cause the brain to be rewired, this high, is followed by the opposite reaction-an intense feeling of depression. During a binge, a person will often forget to eat or sleep properly. They can also experience a significantly increased heart rate, spasms, and convulsions. Cocaine can also make people feel paranoid, angry, hostile, and anxious.

Does cocaine have any long-term effects on my health?

Cocaine can cause erratic mood swings, restlessness, paranoia and auditory hallucinations. Coming down from the drug has been known to cause severe depression, this depression is known to become deeper and deeper after each use. There is a higher rate suicidal of thoughts, with some cocaine users taking their own life, in depressive episodes after cocaine use.

Psychological addiction, what is it and can I be psychologically addicted to cocaine?

The concept of psychological addiction can be difficult to comprehend, as sometimes this looks the same as a physical addiction. The confusion arises as the person in question will psychologically crave the substance or object. However, it is important to consider, that for some people their addiction, is purely psychological, and divorced from a physical dependency to drugs or alcohol.

Recent research has suggested that a concept called neuro- adaption takes place, when we engage in something pleasurable. This concept is co-joined with the idea of neuroplasticity; the brain being in a constant state of readjusting to its environment emotions and feelings and experiences.

Fundamentally, the addiction results from a relationship between you and the object or substance. Neuro- adaption takes place when the brain is rewired to release chemicals called dopamine, which in turn make one feel better, this experience in turn trains the brain to want and need the substance or object; so that addiction can occur even without using drugs or alcohol; a case in point could be gambling or shopping addiction.

Am I substance dependent?

Substance dependency is defined by 3 or more of the following occurring together.

  • Increased tolerance to drugs (needing more cocaine to get high).
  • Physical and psychological problems when drugs, such as Cocaine, intake is reduced (withdrawal).
  • Repeatedly trying, but failing to cut down or give up.
  • Spending lots of time planning the next line of cocaine, or recovering from the effect of cocaine
  • Prioritising using cocaine over other parts of life.

 How can Counselling, Psychotherapy, help my cocaine habit?

Counselling/psychotherapy have been found to improve greatly the chances of full recovery from many forms of addictive behaviour, whether that’s chemical dependency or psychological addiction. Using cutting edge techniques and older, more proved methods, I have helped client gain full recovery from substance misuse.

Useful Links

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Of course all my friends in the city use cocaine, I was around it a lot, at one point,, everyone was using it, it would help the weekend parties go with a swing. I got into it more and more into it and into lots and lots of debt ;At one point, I owed dealers thousands.

I started using it at work. I was a mess, I was losing friends fast, I was using Coke to stay awake, my behavior was erratic. I knew I had to pull myself together but did know how. I could have gone to a local drug and alcohol agency but didn’t want to because I was frightened that there a note of it on my records somewhere, and I would lose my job. I didn’t want to go into rehab, as explaining that was difficult, especially in the job I do. That’s when I saw Eleos counselling on the Internet. At first I was so angry, I didn’t think I had a problem, but I did. Tony was really great, and just listened, listening to my anger, my frustration, and after time, my Coke use stopped.

Jamie age 42

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