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Addiction counselling Crawley, West Sussex: Skunk marijuana.



Eleos counselling has had many years helping clients, in Crawley, West Sussex with addictive behaviours. Eleos counselling uses cutting-edge techniques to help clients deal with the root cause of their addiction. Below are some questions that you may ask yourself if you or someone you know has a problem with skunk marijuana.

Will smoking marijuana, cannabis or skunk damage my health?

Although marijuana does not contain a component that causes chemical addictive, Nevertheless, it can be psychologically addictive. Currently, there has been much research done on the effects of selected seeds/ hydroponically grown marijuana (skunk) and whether it has a component which can cause chemical addiction; this form of marijuana is eight times stronger than naturally grown marijuana. Furthermore, skunk, marijuana, has strong links to mental health problems, particularly psychosis. Certainly, mixing marijuana resin with tobacco, which contains nicotine, can cause a chemical addiction, due to nicotine in the tobacco.

Some doctors argue that nicotine is the most addictive drug, outstripping heroin, cocaine and alcohol. It is estimated that 80 to 90% of regular smokers are, possibly, addicted to nicotine.  Research has shown that cannabis contains at least as many cancer-causing chemicals as tobacco. Cannabis is often smoked without filters, smoking another factor which significantly increases the chances of lung disease. Furthermore, cigarettes have a strong link to lung cancer and other illnesses

Mixing marijuana resin or Leafs (grass or weed) with tobacco certainly will cause health problems, such as those caused by nicotine.   Smoking has been directly linked with cancers of the mouth, throat, larynx, oesophagus, bladder, kidneys, stomach and most notoriously, lungs; coronary disease/and, all manner of breathing problems from bronchitis to emphysema.  Recent research has pointed towards long-term mental health problems caused by smoking marijuana, particularly skunk.


Mental health problems: what kind of mental disorders could, smoking skunk, cannabis, and Marijuana cause?


Recent, research carried out in Australian, has pointed towards the possible causal link between psychosis and memory loss in young people (under the age of 21), who smoke skunk marijuana.  The research suggests that the chemical in the skunk drastically alters brain chemistry which can, in turn, lead to psychotic episodes and memory loss in a young developing brain.  Although this is not conclusive research, it is worth bearing in mind the possible

le links, as, to date, no long-term study has yet been carried out.  Another issue, to remember, is your family history, as again, research indicates that you are more susceptible to long-term mental health problems should you use skunk, cannabis or marijuana, if you have a family history of mental health illness.









Could I have substance dependency?


Substance dependency is defined by 3 or more of the following occurring together.

  • Increased tolerance to drugs (needing to use more to get more stoned).
  • Physical and psychological problems when a drug such as skunk/marijuana cannabis intake is reduced (withdrawal).
  • Using more or for longer than intended.
  • Repeatedly trying, but failing to cut down or give up.
  • Spending lots of time planning the next joint, or recovering from the effect 



I started smoking weed when I was at college, it helped me with the stress and workload of my A levels; it helped me get through the day,  It chilled me out, made me feel good.When I went to Uni, I Started smoking a lot, on my own, then one day I had a panic attack, when I was in a lecture, I thought I was going too died.  I knew I had to do something about giving up weed, It was hard at first, I really wanted to use the stuff. My mum suggested I see a counsellor; that’s when I started seeing Tony. We worked through what was going on for me, together.   I started to realise that I was escaping into my own world when I used weed. It was a dark place. I’m really pleased I went to see Tony.


Jodie age 24

How do I book a session?

If you’re concerned about your own skunk marijuana use or somebody else’s you can call or email  Eleos Counselling on any of the numbers on the contact us page.; All calls are treated in confidence . Or you can book an assessment session by simply clicking on the button below there you will be taken to an online diary where you can book a session at your convenience.